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Oshawa boasts a rich history and a thriving contemporary scene, with many things to do! Whether you're visiting for our bustling automotive industry, our thriving education sector, vibrant arts scene, or the serene beauty of Lake Ontario's shores, getting to and navigating around Oshawa is a breeze, thanks to a variety of transportation options. From major highway access to innovative scooter sharing, here's your comprehensive guide to getting around Oshawa.


Your Gateway to Oshawa

Highway 401

The primary artery feeding into Oshawa is Highway 401, a critical segment of Canada's transportation infrastructure stretching across Southern Ontario. This highway connects the city to Toronto in the west and continues eastward towards Montreal. There are multiple exits for Oshawa, including the Stevenson Road, Ritson Road, and Simcoe Street exits, each leading you into different parts of the city. Whether you're heading to the downtown core or the industrial sectors, Highway 401 ensures your journey is swift.


Seamless Connections


GO Transit is a key player in Oshawa's public transportation network, offering both train and bus services that connect the city to the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. The Oshawa GO Station serves as a major hub, with frequent train services to Toronto's Union Station on the Lakeshore East line. This makes commuting or visiting Oshawa a hassle-free experience, with the added bonus of scenic views along Lake Ontario. For destinations not directly served by the train, GO's bus services offer comfortable and reliable alternatives, extending the reach of public transit across the region.


Local Exploration


Within Oshawa and the broader Durham Region, Durham Region Transit (DRT) provides comprehensive bus services. DRT's network ensures that all parts of the city are well-connected, from the downtown area to the outskirts and the residential suburbs. With regular schedules and routes designed to cover major attractions, educational institutions, and shopping centres, DRT is an affordable and convenient option for getting around locally. Their real-time tracking app makes planning your journey easy and efficient.


The Fun Way Around!


For a more personalized and adventurous way to explore Oshawa, Neuron Mobility's electric scooters present a modern and eco-friendly option. These scooters can be rented through a smartphone app, offering a fun and flexible way to navigate the city's streets and parks. Perfect for short distances or leisurely tours, Neuron scooters are a testament to Oshawa's commitment to innovative urban mobility solutions.


Hassle-Free Solutions


Oshawa understands the importance of convenient parking. The city offers ample parking options, including on-street parking, municipal parking lots, and private garages, ensuring visitors and residents can easily find a spot. Downtown Oshawa features multiple parking locations with reasonable rates and free parking on weekends and after 6 p.m. on weekdays (some exceptions apply). Plan ahead by downloading the HONK app (iPhone/Android) on your mobile device for easy payment options.

Things to do around every corner.

Whether it's shooting aliens in Virtual Reality or riding in a real tank there's no shortage of exciting and incredible things to do in Oshawa.



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