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A Big Time at the Wee Pub

It's the city’s best-kept secret, but ah, well, it’s out now. On the southeast corner of Wilson and Olive,

361 Wilson Road South, to be exact, is the small-of-foot, but big-of-heart, Wee Pub. It is a Britishy -

Irishy style public house with a bar along one side of the L-shaped room and, round the corner at

the back end, a small stage. Tellies are present for sports viewing but are on mute. There is a wee bit

of piped-in music, but this bar, like the best Britishy - Irishy bars, is built for conversation.

Oshawa’s slogan is ‘Prepare to be Amazed’, the Wee’s could be ‘Prepare to be Amused.’ On my

recent visit (one does have to do the research, folks), I fell in with Brian Gatto, keyboardist for Anne

Murray, Frank Woodcock, considered one of the best drummers from this city, and a gent called Sam

who told me he went to school with Tom Jones. Who knew? I was there for a gig by Doozies member

Josh Kvasnak, promoting his solo album, ‘A Piece of Work.’

Owners Jimmy and Josie Sutherland took over a dozen or so years ago. They were previously

owners of the Flying Squirrel there on King St. East. The Wee Pub was previously known as the Wee

Hideaway. The Wee Squirrel was an option at one time, I guess.

Menu options include fish & chips, wraps, burgers, nachos, and fingers. The menu and the flavours will expand this March, with the kitchen being helmed by Smokin Bistro. Entertainment options revolve around community participation, Monday Darts, Saturday Karaoke, Sunday Funday, and the dap-em-if-you-got-em Tuesday night Rogers TV Bingo. Pick up your cards at any convenience store and gather at the Wee, dabbers at the ready.

There was a book out some time ago titled Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam about the demise of social gatherings, including leagues and clubs. But places like the Wee still have that vibe of being in a club or a gathering, and they are stepping into the future of this city by stepping back a wee bit.

Michelle Heroux books the acts and says she says there is no shortage of talented acts coming up

this year. Friday is the night for them, either solo or a two-piece, and it starts at 8:30 pm. The owners

of the Wee Pub are so in tune with Oshawa they adhere to this city’s lifestyle schedule. There are no

Friday night live shows over the summer as people leave the city for cottage time, and none

over Christmas, as that is when people stay home to be with family.

Upcoming shows, as this is prime lets go out and dance to live music time, include regulars of the city’s

bar circuit Dave Vaillencourt, Baz Littlerock & Tyson Briden, Deuce, Errol Boucher, and Eric Lambier,

one-time touring keyboardist for Shania Twain. 2022 OMA Music Teacher of the Year nominee

Amanda De Boer Ladwing and her partner Stephen are also coming in April.

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