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CONVERGENCE Spotlight: Chastity

Formed in 2015 by Brandon Williams, Chastity is a post-hardcore punk outfit that will be performing at the Convergence Music & Art Festival in downtown Oshawa on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Although raised in the neighbouring town of Whitby, Williams credits Oshawa’s music scene as an important influence on his musical journey.

The Dungeon in 2012

“I grew up going to The Dungeon, seeing bands like Protest The Hero. It had a massive influence on me. I would find out about bands on the internet and then find out that they’re coming to play 15 minutes away from where I lived. It was really exciting. In high school, I had a few different music projects and tried a lot of different music stuff out,” says Williams.

The Dungeon was an all-ages music venue which ran shows from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. The club was located in the basement of what is now BONDST Snack Bar and Beer Garden. It was a place for alt-rock, metal and punk fans to gather and an important hub for artists from all over Durham Region.

Williams was also inspired by his time at the Dungeon to create all-ages spaces in his own town and has organized shows at a barn in North Whitby and at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre; his pals, Dizzy, played with him on that show.

Over the course of three albums, (Death Lust, Home Made Satan, Suffer Summer), Brandon says Chastity has many songs about places in Whitby, and they have filmed almost all of their music videos there. But, like many kids, he has a love/hate relationship with his hometown, which is something he explores in his music.

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“My first job was as a “timekeeper” for hockey games in Whitby. I had long hair ,wore tight-fitting clothes and got called the f-slur on more than one occasion. It didn’t feel like that was my community, with the sporto people, and I was driven to find a more like-minded group. As venues and infrastructure have dithered in Durham, it’s been important for me to try to show people that they’re not alone even if it feels like it, that there are people who value the same stuff that they do” he says.

Chastity are currently working on a new album and touring through the United States as well as Canada, a tour which will, penultimately, end in the city where Williams’ journey began almost a decade ago.

“Feeling excited to get to play Oshawa, thanks for having us,” he says.

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