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Dine on Indian Classics at Kachiguda Junction

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting dining experiences in Oshawa. So, when a few friends recommended Kachiguda Junction Indian Bistro, praised for its delicious twist on traditional Indian cuisine, I quickly made a reservation.

Kachiguda Junction is located in downtown Oshawa at 14 King St. W. I absolutely love Oshawa when the weather is warm—the summer energy is alive, and the streets are a hub of activity. Downtown Oshawa truly has a lot to offer. You can learn more about things to do here, but of course, let's get back to the reason I'm here—the food!


Perusing the menu, I was impressed by the array of Indian classics and intriguing surprises. I kicked my order off with the homemade Samosas and tangy Tamarind sauce. The burst of flavours in my first bite was nothing short of invigorating. The freshness of these Samosas was unlike anything I had experienced before, setting a new standard for this beloved dish.

Kachiguda Junction's homemade Samosas with Tamarind sauce
Kachiguda Junction's homemade Samosas with Tamarind sauce.

Among the numerous tempting options, I ventured into dishes I hadn't tried in years or had never experienced. The Chicken Tandoori Momo with Mint Sauce caught my eye from the extensive selection of Momos.


Everything at this place is made to order and took a few minutes to come out - which I appreciated.  Freshly prepared to order - the Chicken Tandoori Momo, enveloped in Tandoori sauce, boasted a perfectly balanced blend of flavours. My first bite was absolutely well-seasoned, followed by some impressive heat.  I was in heaven! 


Fresh Chicken Tandoori Momo's with Mint Sauce
Fresh Chicken Tandoori Momo's with Mint Sauce.

Next on my order was the Chicken 65 Dosa, a thin and savoury crepe with flavourful chicken filling, complemented by a delectable stew and two tantalizing sauces. Unexpectedly, the spice of the Chicken 65 caught me off guard, igniting a delightful heat that left me reaching for napkins - I was sweating!  Yet, the accompanying sauces provided a welcomed relief, enhancing the overall experience of eating this specific dish.  It was only later that I learned the name comes from the fact that the chicken is seasoned with 65 chilis!


The finale, a Boneless Chicken Biryani, arrived in a rustic Indian bowl overflowing with fragrant rice and succulent chicken. Nothing is better than a great rice dish.  My eyes lit up when they brought the dish to my table, as you could see the steam coming from the bowl!  Based on my experience with the Chicken 65, I was glad it was served with Yogurt and another sauce with a mild flavour to help manage the potential heat of the dish.


Each mouthful was a symphony of flavours, the fluffy rice and flavorful chicken in perfect harmony. How can rice be so good, fluffy, and filling simultaneously? Despite feeling full, I couldn't resist savouring every last bite of the impeccable Biryani, bringing a satisfying conclusion to an extraordinary meal. I loved everything about this dish and will definitely order it again.

A mouth watering serving of Boneless Chicken Biryani
A mouth-watering serving of Boneless Chicken Biryani

I am always thrilled when Oshawa's growing culinary scene surprises and delights me, and Kachiguda Junction Indian Bistro did just that. The place was incredible, with a staff that was both helpful and passionate about their food—a passion you could taste in every bite. I highly recommend Kachiguda Junction Indian Bistro; you won't be disappointed!

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