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Join the Shwallywood Self-Guided Movie Tour!

Calling all movie buffs! How often have you been watching your favourite program only to ponder, “That location looks awfully familiar, I swear I’ve been there before but just can’t place it!” I bet you #HADNOIDEA that Oshawa has played host to dozens of film and television sets. Celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Myers, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, Drew Berrymore, Hillary Swank, and others have walked among us while on location.

Oshawa Tourism is excited to announce that we have compiled a list of some of the biggest productions to take place in Oshawa in our free ‘Shawallywood Self-Guided Tour.

To participate simply:

1. Download the Goosechase app - iOS + Google Play

2. Search join code 5W8L5P

3. Select or create your team

What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and get exploring!

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