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Oshawa Rock History - The Standstills

Oshawa rock ‘n rollers The Standstills have been moving across the country on tour with 3 Days Grace. The tour will make a hometown stop at the Tribute Communities Centre on Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

The Standstills are Jonny Fox on guitar and Renee Couture on drums. The couple has a home in Oshawa and a new record ‘Shockwave’ under their collective belt. The album features a baker’s dozen of tracks, including a collaboration with Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal.

The duo is very much part of Oshawa’s long history with hard rock, dating back to Steppenwolf’s metal anthem ‘Born to be Wild. In an email, they say the city shows up on their album.

“Oshawa has been a double-edged sword. Most of what we have enjoyed about the scenes that come and go so quickly is the new fans. But the scene always seems to have a hard time defining itself. It’s a beautiful disaster, which I think has found its way into some of our heavy tracks on our new album ‘Shockwave’”.

For the new fans, as well as those who have stood with The Standstills all along, the band suggests the downtown around the TCC is worth exploring. There are things to do before and after the show.

“I recommend checking out the live music venues and record shops. We have some great spots worth discovering. We often go into the shops and check out random shows.”

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