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The Theatre Scene is Alive in Oshawa!

Look for One Eyed Jacks says Alexandra Lembo, Director of Community Outreach for the Oshawa Little Theatre (OLT). The restaurant located near the OLT is a cast favourite she says, and a place worth seeking out either prior or post-show.

Could be something in the wings we suggest.

For over 60 years the OLT has been performing shows from their community-built auditorium at 62 Russett Street in what was then north Oshawa. As the city has grown the theatre has become part of the neighbourhood, surrounded with opportunities not just for visitors but for staff and actors.

“Oshawa Little Theatre is in such a unique place because there are multiple options for people who need to unwind. Right around the corner is a lovely park; there are quite a few family-owned restaurants and pubs and coffee shops in the area as well,” says Lembo, who joined the cast in 2012.

“I would definitely suggest checking out one of the local owned restaurants in the area either before or after a show! You can make a whole night of supporting local business!”

For those looking to support local theatre the OLT’s late Fall presentation is the timeless classic ‘The Sound of Music’ whose message of music as balm resonates in these times. The show season closes in March 2023 with ‘The Wizard of Oz’. In February the team has put together a fun-filled cabaret and fundraiser.

“Ten performers will sing from multiple shows and the audience will get to vote on which show they would like to see OLT perform in the future,” says Lembo.

The future of live theatre felt like it was in jeopardy during the pandemic restrictions, as even Broadway went dark and shuttered for two years but with safety front and centre, theatres have reopened and curtains raised.

“Much like every community theatre, the lockdowns impacted us greatly. We were lucky that we were able to perform a few cabaret shows outdoors with proper distancing to show that theatre was still alive and well in Oshawa,” says Lembo.

Three decades alive and well, maybe it’s the local food.

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