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What's On in the 'Shwa

Today I like everything!

Back in the day, indie rockers The Killjoys had a hit single with ‘Today I Hate Everyone,’ but this week in Oshawa, there is lots to like, and I kinda like all of it.

The Killjoys will be at the Biltmore Theatre Friday, February 3. The Hamilton three-piece mixed power pop with punk garnering them some big shiny hits in the 90s. As well as ‘Today I Hate Everyone,’ tracks such as ‘Rave + Drool,’ ‘Dana,’ and ‘Any Day Now’ could be heard coming out of all those car-dash CD players. The band also made it onto alternative radio playlists and the mainstream. The Killjoys disbanded in 1999 but have reformed on and off since then.

Toronto punks, Pkew Pkew Pkew, plus Oshawa metal band Paralysis, great kids, and post-hardcore

act At This Point are on the Biltmore bill with the Killjoys. That’s some line-up.

There’s some line the following night too. Hip Hop multi-discipline duo Kid Koala and Lealani roll into the Biltmore Saturday, February 4. Kid is on the turntables, and Lealani is on the microphone. Opening is Conebuster a local electronica dude who also pushes against the genre’s boundaries.

The Biltmore Theatre is located at 39 King Street East.

Across the street at the Regent Theatre Saturday, one can hear the sounds of a band that would have been on more than one turntable back in the day; “Jukebox Hero,” “Cold As Ice,” “Urgent,”

“Double Vision, " and "I Want to Know What Love Is’. You know them, and so does Double Vision,

billed as Canada’s Ultimate Tribute to Foreigner, the classic rock chart toppers.

The Regent Theatre is located at 50 King Street East.

Back across the street to the Atria for another tribute act; Dr. Feelgood, who pays homage to hair-metal

heads Motley Crue billed as the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band.

The Atria is located at 59 King Street East.

All three venues are located in Oshawa’s Downtown Arts and Entertainment District.

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