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What's on in the 'Shwa - April 24 to 30

OK, it's on! This is what we’re talking about! Hundreds of music fans will converge on Oshawa this Friday, April 28. There will be a lot of you, so lean into the excitement and not the exasperation of not getting a parking spot close enough. As Country star Lee Brice would sing, “Remember, everyone is somebody’s son, is somebody’s daughter.”

On Friday, Brice brings his Beer Drinking Opportunity Tour to the Tribute Communities Centre to support his latest album, ‘Hey World.’ Tenille Townes and John Ross will open. So lots of trucks yeah, and "Good Ol’ Boys" with “One of Them Girls.” Going to be a good night, and maybe even “More Beer.”

So maybe consider getting into town early and taking advantage of other beer-drinking opportunities at bars downtown. Book a room too at one of the hotels within walking distance, and saunter slowly, taking in the businesses you are passing, and look at the notices of what's going on around you.

Comedian, Tom Green live at the Biltmore Theatre on April 28

I deal with music here, of course, but I can let you know international comedic film star, TV personality and podcaster Tom Green is at the Biltmore Theatre. I can tell you that because Green was MC Bones in

Organized Rhyme back in the day, and they won a JUNO in 1993 in the category of Best Rap Recording for “Check the O.R.” So, the music angle is covered, as the kids say.

Across the street, at the Regent Theatre, there is a Tragically Hip tribute, The Almost Hip. They are billed as the longest-running Hip tribute band (1990) but not the Long Time Runningest - things that make you go, hmm?

7 Day Riot brings their grunge-era vibes, a la Screaming Trees and Soundgarden, to the Atria on Friday; some great guitar work on their just released ‘Believe’ album. The seven are four; Aaron, Jeffy, Gerry and Bubba. TO trio Highteens and Locust Hill open. Good post-Hip or post-Brice after-party, I am thinking.

Outside the core Tin Roof are at the Wee Pub; Grady Brothers are at the Bollocks, and Simcoe Blues and Jazz have the No Idea band with a Kevin & Sue matinee.

If you stay over Friday night, then on Saturday, April 29, Rolling Stones tribute act the Blushing Brides get their yayas out at the Biltmore, and Byrdy get their Evanescence-like metal on at the Atria, with the chunky riffage of Meez, and the prog-metal Notus.

And if you come in early, early, then on Thursday, April 27 one-time Hey Rosetta lead and now singer/songwriter Tim Baker and the All Hands is in at the Biltmore. It is a 7 p.m. start. Don’t miss Billiane, whose own star is on the rise. Baker is from St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador and has a terrific grasp of melody. His latest album is called ‘The Festival’ so not the worst way to kick off a weekend in Downtown Oshawa full of music, enough maybe to have our own festival at some point.

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