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What's on in the 'Shwa - August 7 to 13

The storied Atria, over 40 years in the making, will be part of the Convergence Festival on September 23, 2023, in downtown Oshawa. Details are TBA, as the kids say, but I have an inkling it will be an almighty show. The Atria has been featured previously if you wish to dig into its history a bit more, but it is important to note that it has, and continues, to bring great music to Oshawa weekly.

On Wednesday, August 10, Chilio & The Downcast, the self-described punkadelic band from Calgary (although from the video I watched for ‘Fractals’ maybe they should switch to pinkadelic, they are on the bright side of punk), are in, and joining them are Last Possible Minute, and Bad Sally, who dig into the self-deprecating skater side of punk. They're fast, too; blink 182 times, and you will miss them.

Don't miss out on Chilio & The Downcast on August 10 at the Atria.

Thursday, August 10, Veinduze, Oshawa hard rock band with Seattle sound overtones, sets up at the Atria. These guys are great and totally get the melodic harmonics side of grunge. They cite Gojira, Ghost and Mastodon as influences, so there you go, some ripe, proggy metal on top of it. Ascrem, and Stuck in Nostalgia, a punky-metal band from the Hammer, are also on the bill.

Friday, August 11, the jammy rockers, Dead Root Revival, kick life back into the blues rock, country rock, and classic rock styles, which may have fallen out of favour on the more popular streams. Bring your dancing shoes to this gig because there’s a whole lotta rolling going on too.

Nicholas Campbell is live at the Atria on August 12.

AND Saturday, August 12, is even more of a reason to get the dancing shows shined up. There will be more rolling going on at the Atria, with some black grass country peeking through the boards. Western swing swooner Nicholas Campbell and his Metre Cheaters from the Peterpatch will get all the beers full of all the tears, all while tearing up the floor with his old-school rock ‘n roll country. Opening is Hank Slick featuring Mickey Sick. Sick will be doing double duty as his own act, Sick ‘n Vicious also plays. So dust off the chaps and stitch up the fringe shirt; it's going to be that kind of night.

That's a fab full four days of live acts this week. For the full Shwarock experience, the Atria is the place to be this week.

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