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What's on in the 'Shwa - February 13 to 19

It’s only February, but it feels so like March outside one would expect to see some earlier-than-usual

seasonal blossoms burst forth. Not likely, really, but the blooming wonderful Butter Cups will perform

at Simcoe Blues ‘n Jazz on Friday, February 17.

The Buttercups (Anita Storey, Christina Ann, and Susan Latimer)

The bio of this trio says, and having seen them many times, I can confirm, they play Roots, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Soup Kitchen Gospel, and Mariachi, and they do so exceptionally well, I may add. Fabulous and funny.

In the downtown core, things kick off Thursday, February 16, with Dear-God and DoFlame at the Biltmore Theatre. Both bands are the musical equivalent of a circle pit!

At the Atria, where circle pits are de rigueur, there’s a four-band bill with more of a country/rock bent.

Union Thug from Montreal has a cajun punk thing, self-described as the out-of-wedlock child of

Quebec’s Éric Lapointe and provocateur folkie Woody Guthrie. Sounds great, and there’s an

accordion involved, so yes, please. Twangy agit-folkers Stinkbox, punkers Battlesmash, and Bad

Sally open.

Friday, February 17, punked-up psyche-folk Howlin’ Gales returns once again to the Atria while the Regent Theatre has a tribute to the GOAT Neil Diamond.

Saturday, February 18, the Regent Theatre has another tribute night, Grease and the music of the 50s/60s -somehow, I think Rizzo might sneak out to the Atria for their multi-act line-up, Burdizzo, Price to Die, Tangents & Experiment Speciment for a bit.

Country Radio Star Tebey is at the Biltmore for an actual happening on a Saturday night. The

Nashville-based singer/songwriter has written hits for Justin Moore (‘Somebody Else Will’) and Gord

Bamford (‘Dive Bar’) but has his own success with ‘Denim on Denim,’ ‘The Good Ones,’ and ‘Who’s

Gonna Love You' - that maple syrupy sweet swayer of a track. Five Roses will open and so if you

missed getting the flowers in on Valentine’s this may be a decent enough make-up date for the country

lovin’ couples.

Of course, all of this music madness is just warm-up openers for legend Kim Mitchell who will be

doing his rock ‘n roll duty to be a wild party at the Biltmore on Sunday, February 19. You know you are a

success when your songs become catch-phrases; one can not say the words ‘patio lanterns’

anymore, you have to sing them, and one can’t just go for a soda anymore one has ‘Go For a Soda’!

And that doesn’t even include his work with Max Webster, cross-dressing covers and all, and all

before Nirvana frocked up before their TV audience. Those of a certain age will remember

seeing him at their high schools and dancing to his hits at roadhouses, but Kim Mitchell also found

another audience as a Q107 DJ. His work crosses generations, and he’s still creating. He put out an

album of originals two years ago, and apart from the rocker, 2UP2BDown, is chock full of tracks

which wouldn't be out of place in Bruce Cockburn’s catalogue. I vote we give Kim the Key to the

Shwiggity on Sunday. Who’s in?

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