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What's On in the 'Shwa - July 25 to 30

While we are all getting excited for the Strumbellas at Convergence, taking place September 23, 2023, in downtown Oshawa, here are some suggestions to get you in the mood this coming week.

You can get a sneak peak at NERiMA, who will be performing at Convergence. Great local kids who are playing Friday, July 28, at The General on Celina Street in downtown Oshawa. They have just released a new track, "Amnesia," and are on a tour of Ontario and Quebec. They are performing along with alt-rockers Separator, who are on their World Tour of Oshawa, as well as singer/songwriter Jules McCools, winner of the 2020 OMA Music Video of the Year award. Also on the bill, Feura. So a great night of talent there.

Get a sneak peak of NERiMA at The General on July 28.

Separator continue their World Tour Saturday, July 29, at the Atria. Once again, it's a stacked line-up of great local acts, with Nothing Serious doing their funcore and Clovercast on the electropop side of things.

The night before, on July 28, Chronicles will bring their tribute (threebute?) to maybe, rock’s greatest trio, Rush; they are doing the entirety of Moving Pictures plus other classics.

Speaking of tributes, the Tribute Communities Centre has one for families. Peppa Pig is on a camping trip, and Oshawa is on the itinerary, Wednesday, July 26 is the date, and 6 p.m. is the time. And, as we like to help you make the most of your time in town, the Regent has the Spongebob musical on a 1:30 p.m. matinee.

Peppa Pig's Adventure is on July 26 at the Tribute Communities Centre.

Speaking of camping, the absolutely fabulous Dirt Squirrels Allstars will be hootenannying their way to Simcoe Blues and Jazz Friday, July 28. So you will have to make a call on which show to forgo, the Dirts or the Rush fans at the Atria, although I guess you could do both, well, not forgo both, but go to both. The Dirts are a country cover act, tight as a tiger, doing old-school jams on the Nashville and Bakersfield sides of town. All of them are bigwigs professionally, bigwigs musically, and may even wear a big wig if they do some Dolly or Tammy. Wigs or no wigs, guaranteed it's a fun night at a place getting some good stuff on stage. The weekly line-up of matinees continues at Simcoes, of course.

The Biltmore Theatre wants you to get your dancing shoes on, or kick’em off if you rather, at the Midsummer Night’s Old School DJ Party with DJ Danny D of Z103.5 - now I read that originally as PJ Party, so there’s that, just saying.

And a big Happy 1st Birthday to the Bollocks Pub, who are celebrating Wednesday, July 26, with special deals and Two For The Show entertaining.

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