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What's on in the 'Shwa - June 20 to 25

So, good news, the Wee Pub, which traditionally shutters its stage for the summer has decided to continue Friday Night Live love right through the year. Baz and Tyson are in this Friday, June 23. And while we are on the pubs, Bollocks has Adele & Randall this Friday. And, while we are on the pubs, if you are a pub and you have tunes you should be sending us a DM or a FB invite to get your events mentioned here.

One of the best promoters in the area, Black Rose Entertainment, is bringing Grand Evolution to the Regent Theatre on Friday for a musical journey through, well, Journey and Styx. The show is billed as “takes you back to the vinyl era” and both bands’ vinyl albums are still interesting enough, selling in this rising new market for an old format.

But songs, regardless of the format, remain, and for some, their relevance gets a reboot - maybe Mr. Roboto was an interesting gimmicky pop song at the time of release, but in these days of SM and AI and ChatGPT, well, “The problems plain to see, too much technology/ Machines to save our lives, machines dehumanize” may ring closer to a truth.

And if you want to see ephemeral pop's longevity, look at the monstrosity that Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ became. Who saw that coming? It has gone from a top ten chart hit to an outsider anthem, from TV to TiketyTok, and from Karaoke to a cultural lynchpin—mad, absolute madness. And a little Wiki research pulls up this gem from Journey's Jonathan Cain, formerly of the band The Babys - “Sometimes where you grow up isn’t where you’re destined to be," and that’s the root of that track. Maybe the most stupendously punk song of all time in those terms. Be yourself! Find yourself! Plus that chuggy piano riff, what?! Mad, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, and on and on and on until you are a fully registered member of the Glee club. Madness.

And if I had say in it, I’d have a PA outside the Regent on a truck blasting that song at all those patrons leaving, and I’d send them on their journey into the night dancing.

Anyway, speaking of punk there's acid jazzy hippity-hop at the Atria on Friday, as Les Moontunes from New Brunswick is in. Adventurous booking but digging what I am hearing on the Bandcamp, lots of soulful blues could be the Acadian background. Also on the bill are Josh Ritchie, (some Lenny Kravitz there) and The Codas from Kingston (some Dallas Green there). Either/or, this is not your grandfathers’ night at the Atria. So well worth checking in on this. See you there!

It’s back to business on Saturday with metaly, hard rocky, punky acts Valyear, Kangus Tron, Dead Silence, and Revmatic.

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