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What's on in the 'Shwa - March 13 to 19

Ah, the week of the Spring Equinox when thoughts turn towards the sunny days and the greening of

the earth or is that St. Patrick’s Day I am thinking of? Nevertheless, lots to look forward to as

evenings lengthen and the earth breaks free of its crusty coat of ice and salt.

Deserves a song, a big song, perhaps a song of the Earth, Gustave Mahler’s ‘Das Lied von der Erde.’

Which will be part of the Ontario Philharmonic’s presentation Saturday, March 18, at the Regent

Theatre. Internationally acclaimed tenor Mexican-born César Delgado and British-Canadian baritone

Alexander Dobson‍ will feature.

Also on the program that evening, Canadian virtuoso violinist Timothy Chooi will debut with

the Philharmonic, performing ‘Violin Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op.26’ by Max Bruch. This concerto is

one of the most popular, and should one listen to the beautiful unfurling of the adagio, one would

understand why. And should one take the time to attend a performance by the Ontario Philharmonic

and conductor Marco Parisotto, one would also understand why Oshawa is so fortunate to have

called itself the home of the O.P. for over 65 years!

Such symphonic serenity may be the perfect antidote to the previous evening's shenanigans, it being

St. Patrick’s Day (Friday, March 17, for those not paying attention), where Irish culture, in all its poetic

manifestations will take over every stage and tavern, conceivably worldwide, such is the reach of the

tiny Emerald Isle to celebrate the patron saint of the country.

The Biltmore Theatre has its own St. Pats event with the decidedly not Irishy sounding Kangus Tron,

with Nitetime Drive, and Bruv Kentucky. Thee Kangus Tron are the broad force of nature vocals of

Angus Hillier, backed by John Frazer and Kailin Dunn on guitars, Troy Hunt on bass, and Nick White

on drums.

Down the street, the Atria also gets in on the celebrations with the decidedly not Irishy sounding

chunky rock riffs of Queens & Kings, the Black Void ( a reality perhaps for some on Saturday

morning) and Baby’s First Pistol.

Simcoe Blues and Jazz has Mark Wihlidal and The Doctors of Music offering a prescription for those

green day blues.

Speaking of sunny days (first paragraph, folks), The Waltzing Weasel (where I have spent some St.

Paddy’s Days, if I recall correctly), one ups everyone with the current lead singer of Lighthouse, Dan

Clancy in for a matinee and an early evening set of Irish and Celtic tunes.

For those seeking a more trad Paddy’s night, pretty well every pub with a PA will have someone ringing

out ‘Home for a Rest’ and ‘Dirty Old Town’ among the shamrocks and shiny tinsel for you. Hills Pub

and Grill has Phil and Pam; The Bulldog Pub has the Flailing Shilaleighs; the Wee Pub has Dave

Vaillencourt; and The Bollocks pub has live music beginning at 11 a.m., so pace yourself, folks; it’s all

in the pacing, something I remind myself often.

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