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What's on in the 'Shwa - March 6 to 12

The Twist or the Bearcat? It’s your choice, but there is a choice as downtown goes uptown with Cancon cat David Wilcox who gets it on at the Biltmore Theatre Thursday, March 9. Opening is the diamond Matt Holtby who brings some of his own uptown smoothness to the downtown. He is so chill he makes Jimmy Buffett look flustered.

The same night at the Regent Theatre is the incomparable Chubby Checker, a stalwart of rock ‘n roll iconography synonymous with the dance craze 45, the Twist. Born Ernest Evans, he is one of the OGs, whose legacy as Chubby is a 7-inch of pure joy. One song, one dance, destiny sealed; who else can say that?

Friday, March 10, those ‘Friday Night Freaks,’ the Howlin’ Gales from TO, blow into the Atria again. At

the Regent Theatre, another Toronto artist Pavlo breezes in with his Mediterranean blend of Latin, Balkan, and Greek sounds. Pavlo is billed as a true World music artist; we can’t argue that.

World music from the Caribbean side of the sea shows up at the Biltmore on Saturday, March 11. The

reggae-influenced sounds of Human Rights, formed in 2007 around the lion, Friendlyness, formerly of

Truths and Rights, Culture Shock, and Big Sugar are a fabulous way to acclimate to the March Break trip

south. Opening will be DJ Muva Soundsystem & the Band Destiny. The Muva is well-named, and if you think there will be dancing at Chubby’s gig, wait 'til you see the Muva move. Plus, skanking is the Shwa’s unofficial dance.

For those looking for culture of a northern bent, Those Dam Beavers are at the Atria with a hockey

game full of hits from April Wine, B.T.O., Kim Mitchell, Goddo, the Hip, Trooper, Headstones, and

maybe, just maybe, David Wilcox!

Kops Records has a matinee performance Saturday afternoon by local hip hop artists Eddy Jones and B1 the Architect with special guests Lotus James and DJ Tictactics. Eddy Jones and B1 the Architect recently shot a video for the track, ‘Yet I Rise’ at the shop and are coming back for a full performance; stoked to have live acts ‘tween the stax of wax!

Speaking of albums, Classic Albums Live featuring Led Zeppelin II is on at the Regent Saturday; that’s

that’s the only Zep record in my collection if anyone’s asking. It’s all what they were, are and would

become; it's all there, but let's not ramble on.

Oshawa’s very own aficionados of classic rock, Crown Lands, will be giving away their secrets at a

clinic Tuesday, March 7, at Long and McQuade on Simcoe Street N, the opening chord is 6:30 pm.

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