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What's on in the 'Shwa - May 30 to June 4

When I was a young fella in Dublin, there was a club, and they would play the Doobie Brothers. There’d be all these folks trying to dance, and trying is the right word because the Doobies’ mix of pop and rock rhythms and country-style strumming made for timing somewhat more complex than these headbangers were used to, and these good folks of Dublin couldn’t get their feet right. Still, the tracks were always welcome, with all wholeheartedly getting into the good-time grooves the Doobs were all about. The tracks are still among my faves, wrapped as they are in a time and memories but still relevant to anyone 'Rockin’ down the Highway,' preferably top down.

'Listen to the Music' at the Regent Theatre Saturday, June 3.

And what a string of hits they had; ‘Long Train Runnin’, whuut! and ‘China Grove' double whuut!

Amazing stuff, and so yes, please Listen to the Music - a tribute to the Doobie Brothers coming to the Regent Theatre Saturday, June 3. It’s a Blackrose Entertainment presentation in association with CKDO 107.7FM/ 1580AM.

The week starts with more modern West Coast tracks; Hotel Mira from Vancouver is at the Biltmore Theatre on Thursday, June 1. B.C. has a long list of fab indie pop makers from New Pornographers to Cub to Hot Hot Heat. It could be all those Beach Boys albums washing up. Hotel Mira is of that trad; fans of Arkells or 1975 or Strokes would dig these kats, or RIYL as the kid's thumb. Hotel Mira used to be known as


Equal, the Oshawa duo, open.

Also on Thursday, over at Cork and Bean, local troubadour John Kerr performs. It could be a thing to grab some java with John before the Hotel Mira; just a suggestion, happy to help.

Friday, June 2 at the Atria is a tribute to Rush, Permanent Waves; ‘Bastille Days’ was one I recall from

those Dublin days, great riff - now I’m trying to think if I had Aerosmith thang back in that Dublin club, but I think maybe not so much - ‘Dream On’ from the ‘73 debut, and ‘Sweet Emotion’ from the classic Toys in the Attic, but not so much. Asking as the Regent has Aeroforce, the tribute band, in on Friday, June 3. Of course, later, there was that collab with Run DMC, and then ‘Dude (looks like a Lady).’

Catch Orlanda Bloom at the RMG on June 2.

Drag Queens are in the house for RMG Friday. The Gallery is celebrating PRIDE month with Orlanda Bloom, Big D. Elle, Kali Kontour, and Audrey Gold Bloom putting their best pump forward.

Rust Pump is at the Atria on June 3, with Divine Project and ATTE, whereas the Brian Wride is at Cork and Bean.

In the pubs: Amanda and Steve, with guest fiddler Sean Battams of the Doozies, are at Fionn McCools, and on Sunday, it is customer appreciation day, with Dual Exhaust providing the soundtrack to the gratitude.

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