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What's on in the 'Shwa May 8 to 14

Ah, the Different Drum, a fab place for music-minded indie kids to hang out in the late 90s; so fab in

fact, 'Shwacity cowpunks Cuff The Duke paid tribute to its untimely demise by fire in the track Rossland Sq. I suspect the Different Drum coffee shop was named, in some manner, for Linda Ronstadt’s track with the Stone Poneys.

So, when the track gets covered, and I suspect it will, by Heatwave, a tribute to Linda Ronstadt, performing at the Regent Theatre Saturday, May 13, some in the crowd will sing the

sing-a-long with some poignant memories of Oshawa’s special venues. And, of course, Ronstadt’s

track ‘Long Long Time’ was featured in Last Of Us, which has its own resonance for the last of us 'Shwarock indie kids who once thought gathering places and spaces mattered. Ah, well, to everything, there is a season.

Heatwave at the Regent Theatre, Saturday, May 13.

Speaking of different drums, one of America’s top high school jazz drummers is hosting a drum clinic

at the Biltmore Theatre Wednesday, May 10. Greyson Nekrutman from Long Island, NY, is, well. . . on

his YouTube channel Greyson is interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine on his Big Band technique

and Stuart Copeland gives him the nod as one to watch. So go watch, learn, and remember that

over the years, ' Shwarock City has drummed up its own best of the beat-keepers, notably Randy

Begg of Wednesday, Jerry Edmonton of Steppenwolf, and of course, Renee Couture of the Standstills. Greyson has also weighed in on the drumming in ‘Whiplash,’ so I would anticipate a performance

or two from tracks covered in that film.

Spea king of drumming, drummer Dan Silver continues to book some fine acts at Simcoe Blues and

Jazz, with the Frank Z band (matinee) and String Theory Quartet residency on Saturdays. Kevin and

Sue does their thing Friday evenings.

Speaking of drummers, the multi-banded Craig T Toutant is in the Spitfires, among other projects, and

they open for blues rockers MonkeyJunk at the Biltmore on May 12. With 2 Junos, 23 Maple Blues

awards, 2 Indy awards, and 1 USA Blues award MonkeyJunk has been wading in the swamp blues for

15 years. With five albums behind them, they continue to create, and new music is due to drop soon.

MonkeyJunk at the Biltmore Theatre, Friday, May 12.

On May 13, two top of the pop rock bands U2 and Coldplay get their own tribute bands; Elevation will

take you up to the Irish superstars, and X&Y will turn it all yellow, covering the Coldplay hits.

Winding back a day, the Regent has Classic Albums Live on May 12, and CCR’s Chronicles is on deck

there and over at the Atria, there are indie rockers from Milton, Mule King, and on May 13, Durty Little


In the bars, on May 12, the Wee Pub has J.J. Light Band, that's James Legere on guitar/vox, Bill Prosser

on bass, and David Hutchison on drums. They play a mix of rock, funk and reggae. It should be a big

night at the Wee. Dave Vaillancourt is taking requests at Hills Pub and Grill in north Oshawa, and at

the Bollocks Monkey Wrench will crank it up.

Also, May is International Drum Month; who knew?!

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