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What's on in the 'Shwa - September 25 - 30

Post Convergence/OMAs weekend, the music still flows in Oshawa, as it seems it always does. Both last weekend’s festival, as well as the gala, featured performances by local artists, experienced artists and emerging artists. There is a deep well to draw from when discussing Oshawa’s music scene.

Don't miss out on all of these incredible performances at Simcoe Blues & Jazz on September 30!

While there are many sources to this well of talent, one is the monthly showcase organized by Crosswalk Promotions held at Simcoe Blues and Jazz. The Saturday, September 30 showcase will feature a combination of music and spoken word performances. Among them are Will Surphlis (who hosts a weekly open mic at the Atria), Dustin Cormier of the psych-rock band BUSM, singer-songwriters Roland Duke and Jeremy Joseph, and singer-songwriter/visual artist Monique Brent. The poets include Tasha DiZazzo, Leslie Potter, Aaron Duggan, and Tina Gagliardi—quite the line-up, an innovative music incubator to boot, and a good night out.

There are also three really good nights out at the Biltmore Theatre this weekend as well. Local rock outfit, Blamethrower, will be opening for the genre-blurring, chart-scaling Mountain Head, which combines elements of hip-hop, rock and Johnny Cash. They recently opened for Nickelback. Anyway, Mountain Head will be in town on Thursday, September 28. Ottawa-based Mikey Shankar is also on the bill.

Mountain Head's show is all ages! Doors open at 7pm.

On Friday, September 29, Oshawa rock ‘n’ rollers My Own Addiction, along with Unholy Alliance, Jason Abbot & Jade, will be on stage. On Saturday, September 30, Contour, with Conversation, New Anthem, and Dammit Goldie perform.

Oshawa alt-rockers Contour, who mash up punk, metal, thrash and emo, will celebrate their EP release at the Biltmore on Saturday. Conversation, New Anthem, and Dammit Goldie will be in on the celebration.

Friday at the Atria, the cleverly named Throne to the Wolves along with I See Aura will be in. Whitby prog-rockers Maitreya, and heavy metal outfit Please Stand By also join the bill.

For a quieter night out, may I suggest Amand & Steven, who will be performing at Fionn McCools on Friday and on Saturday, country act Riley Wheater will be in for a solo performance at the Wee Pub.

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