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CONVERGENCE Brings a Collision of Cool to Oshawa

After a summer of fun, the weather is cooling down, but Oshawa isn’t. The Convergence Music & Art Festival is taking place from September 22-24, with a free Community Street Festival on September 23, featuring live music, theatre, circus performers, live professional wrestling, visual artists, and some truly original immersive experiences. There will be something for everyone as we enjoy the few sweet moments between sweater weather and winter hibernation.

You've probably heard by now that the main events on Saturday, September 23, will feature a FREE performance by The Strumbellas. With over 117 MILLION views on YouTube, their hit “Spirits” is indicative of the band’s contemporary folky sound. They will keep the stage rocking and everyone in the crowd moving as they play hits spanning their four albums. You'll also want to catch Preston Pablo, whose lyrics "The Flowers Need The Rain" will surely have you singing along!

Cale Crow is also returning to the microphone. I have seen Cale perform all over Oshawa, his voice getting grittier and his comfort with his talents only increasing. This is the kind of show we want to see in Oshawa, one that profiles a great hometown musician and provides a platform to someone we’ve supported since their fledgling performances.

When asked about the inspiration behind spearheading this festival, Krista Licsi, Director of Oshawa Tourism, said, "Convergence is a celebration of the vibrant eco-system of artists, musicians, and innovators who have long been part of Oshawa's legacy and culture."

Whether it’s Fan Expo every August or Comic Con next March, the nerds will always assemble. Come out to experience Oshawa like we have never seen it before at Nerd Alley! Grab some graphic novels from World’s Collide and The Gamer’s Table, or make some like-minded friends who are also into anime. A local gem, Brew Wizards, will also make an appearance.

The Punk Rock Flea Market has an incredible lineup of vendors that will be at Convergence!

As Oshawa has already demonstrated, we have a penchant for cool. Sew your pentacles at the Punk Rock Flea Market, a vendor’s market featuring works and wears for lovers of the occult, the alternative, the spooky, and the truly hard-to-find. Plus sizes to the front!

Spotlight on The Curvy Coffin. I have heard many a story of how difficult it is for some bodies to find clothing that fits while thrifting. As the Convergence website mentions, “The Curvy Coffin specializes in thrifted and secondhand alternative clothing and accessories. Their sizes are L/12 & Up!” Durham Region Roller Derby will also be making an appearance. Support their season and the LGBTQ+ community by buying some tickets! Treat yourself to some earthy wellness products from “Mellow Kali Wellness,” a company that prides itself on connections between mind and body. As we have seen time and time again, money stretches further when we support local, when we can directly support the merchant.

After being mesmerized by the live art and spending some cash on keepsakes, you will definitely be hungry. Devour flavours from around the globe at the 360insights International Street Food Alley! Grab some halal kebabs from Masala Box or explore the flavours of Jamaica at Island Grill. Round out your palate by stopping by 7 Spices Pockets, with a menu featuring cuisine from the East and West Indies. To finish, Brady Bites promises “the healthiest guilty pleasure” on offer, so check out this candy stand with the kids!

In addition to the awesome elements mentioned above, Convergence offers some really interesting ticketed events as well! For the first time ever, Nexus is coming to Oshawa. Inviting us to “Explore a Blade Runner-inspired immersive experience. Enjoy photo ops in themed spaces and iconic characters, enjoy some ramen noodles at the White Dragon, perform secret missions and lose yourself in a futuristic bar environment.”

Oshawa’s “favourite Bard” is headlining two performances: a 'Dungeons & Drag Brunch' matinee and then an evening of “chaos & bitchcraft at ‘The Bitcher;’ a horror fantasy show like no other.” There will be “eclectic characters and a high-quality plant-based buffet,” and it will surely be remembered as “a campaign for the ages.” We embrace that we are different, knowing that Oshawa will give us reflections

of ourselves and a sense of both belonging and expression.

The Convergence festival welcomes folks from all walks of life, being sure to include a diverse lineup of interests. Most of the 19+ events require tickets, so be sure to get yours in a hurry. The street festival on September 23 is free and for all ages, so come out and meet some locals as we take to the streets to enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations of Oshawa, Ontario!

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