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Discovering an Oshawa Hidden Gem: Street Momo

I recently asked some friends for a fresh restaurant recommendation, one that I hadn't tried yet, but they were sure I'd dig. They highly recommended Street Momo, which is located in downtown Oshawa. It turns out that downtown Oshawa's going through a bit of a renaissance these days — the food scene's getting richer, and the heart of the city is really coming alive.

Chili Chicken Momos from Street Momo
Chili Chicken Momos from Street Momo.

Street Momo was a new name to me, and the buzz of outstanding reviews had me eager to experience it firsthand. As soon as I stepped inside, the smells emanating from the kitchen were mesmerizing. The menu had so many selections, and I found myself wanting to try everything. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach!

As I ordered,  I noticed these little robots zipping around, serving food to everyone. It was wild — they knew exactly where to go, and they even had tunes playing, making it feel like a little celebration every time they brought out a dish. Watching these robots do their thing was honestly half the fun.

The Chicken Pakora was my first choice on the menu. As an appetizer, it was perfect - a little battered piece of chicken breast served with a delicious sauce. The taste totally caught me off guard; every mouthful was bursting with flavour — incredibly delicious!

Street Momo Food Spread
Almost everything at Street Momo is shareable, so bring some friends!

The next dish was a server's recommendation, Chili Momo with Chicken, and let me tell you — wow! I have a rule: if there's Chili Chicken on the menu, it's a must for me. So, I went for it, and what arrived was nothing short of perfection. For those who might not know, a Momo is a classic Tibetan creation, essentially a steamed dumpling (this time packed with chicken), usually mingled with ginger, garlic, bell peppers, onions, and a mix of spices. The flavour was just explosively delicious, with the spice level so spot-on that it had me breaking out in a sweat. The portion size was also just right.

Finally, I ordered something I rarely order and was so glad I did. Prawn Low Mein was something recommended by the server, and she was right. It was just a great balance of flavour and spice!

Everything is made fresh to order at Street Momo
Everything is made fresh to order at Street Momo

The quality of the portions, spices, and ingredients across all the dishes we ordered was exceptional. It's always a delightful surprise to encounter food that defies your expectations. The greatest thrill I get from running this blog is the chance to explore and share about new and delicious eateries.

I am so happy to be able to experience this city’s evolving diversity. It’s a great time to come to the City of Oshawa. Street Momo is a true example of the change that is happening here. The meal had me leaving with a big smile on my face!

I highly recommend Street Momo; try it - you will leave happy... and very full!

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