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Viva Burrito: A Hometown Hidden Treasure

I’m thrilled that summer is here, as it's the perfect time to explore more fantastic restaurants in Oshawa! A big thank you to everyone who recommended places to visit—your amazing suggestions included many hidden gems I hadn't discovered yet.

A good friend raved about Viva Burrito, located at 12 Centre St. North in Downtown Oshawa. Despite driving by it hundreds of times, I had never noticed it, but I'm sure glad I ventured in!

An exterior shot of Viva Burritos.
An exterior shot of Viva Burritos to help our avid readers find it a bit easier.

The restaurant had a lively atmosphere with Mexican music playing, a steady stream of loyal customers, and an owner who made everything from scratch. This genuine family-run business exudes passion and commitment to quality in every bite.

The menu wasn't complicated, but I still struggled to decide because I wanted to try everything. I love it when a restaurant knows what it’s good at and keeps things simple. When I spoke with the chef/owner, he said he loves his work and has been in business for over 15 years!

Viva Burrito's homemade Tortilla Soup
Viva Burrito's homemade Tortilla Soup.

I began my meal with the Tortilla Soup, a dish I hadn’t enjoyed in quite some time. It was made entirely from scratch and featured a rich, homemade broth, crispy tortilla chips, fluffy rice, and tender pulled pork. Served piping hot, every spoonful was so delightful that I couldn’t resist finishing it all!

Next, I tried three different tacos: Shredded Chicken, Shredded Beef, and Chorizo. Each taco was made with fresh ingredients - I chose avocado slices, rice, cheese, taco sauce, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, onion, and seasonings. Each taco had a unique flavour that was simply amazing. You could taste the pride, love, and happiness in every bite. Viva Burrito has an open kitchen, allowing you to view while your food is being prepared - this also allows you to experience how fresh the ingredients are. Each taco's presentation was simple, making you enjoy each bite much more! 

Three of the delicious taco offerings available at Viva Burrito
Three of the delicious taco offerings are available at Viva Burrito.

Even though I was quite full, I couldn't resist trying a Taco Bowl with Shredded Beef and Chorizo. Watching the owner carefully construct the bowl was a true delight. It came loaded with beans, Mexican rice, avocado, cheese, tomato, and a zesty Mexican sauce. Normally, I'd opt for extra cheese, but this time, I enjoyed it just as it was. The freshness was incredible as if the ingredients were straight from the owner’s backyard. While the bowl would have been great with just one type of meat, the combination of both was perfection—the subtle taste of the shredded beef and the bold, flavorful chorizo complemented each other beautifully.

Viva Burrito is located in the heart of Oshawa, and you can taste the tradition, love, and passion this place has for food! It is the definition of the food scene in Oshawa, and it was a privilege to eat there.

Next time you're in Downtown Oshawa, grab lunch at Viva Burrito; you won't be disappointed!

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