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What's on in the 'Shwa - June 5 to June 11

The Foo Fighters have a new album, and it's getting great reviews. It's Dave, and I think we can call him Dave, like we have seen him grow up: in public he seems like a nice person, and that could be PR, but I'm going with he's nice. Thus, it's extra sad that he lost one mate and then recently another, and also his mom, who was a teacher. As we do, he turned to music to get through it all. I have heard the album, and it is good - there's a ten-minute track called 'The Teacher.' It's Foos but next level. Anyway, the Foos aren't coming to Oshawa any time soon, but we do have Something From Nothing, a local Foos cover band, at The Atria Saturday, June 10, 2023. I have seen these guys, and they are the real McCoy - they go all in, and keep in mind Dave has some experience with drumming, so drums are kinda central to the Foos set-up. I've seen Something From Nothing, and they are on it.

Photo of 5 records, including 4 Foo Fighters albums and one Lighthouse album

Friday at the Atria is a stack of metal with Pharm coming in with the Hazytones. Pharm are BC stoner rock from Kelowna, and the Hazytones are some deep doom prog metal kats from Montreal but, unfortunately, the Montrealers have cancelled. They were touring, making a stop at the Atria. Sun Below are making the trip east from TO to join the bill, as are the Hogtown duo, God Helmet; some grunge meets death metal there. Going heavy and hard at the Atria.

Simcoe Blues and Jazz is settling into a groove with its matinee line-up; Sue and Kevin June 9, Frank Z band June 10, and String Theory June 11. Madhaus take their cues, it seems, from Ghost and Alice Cooper to put on an over-the-top show covering all the hits; they're at Bollocks Friday.

Back in the day, Bollocks was known as the Tartan, an iconic spot for music in the city and a place where one could see someone such as Dan Clancy often. Dan is the lead now for Canadian icons Lighthouse who dominated the country's music scene in the early '70s. Lighthouse is performing at the Regent Theatre Friday, June 9. This is a presentation of Blackrose Entertainment with CKDO 107.7FM 1580AM.

Staff at the Regent will have their work cut out for them as the Ontario Philharmonic has a concert on Thursday, June 7. The orchestra's principal musicians will perform works by Bach and Mozart with the OP String Orchestra accompaniment.

My fave wee hideaway, The Wee Pub, will be closing down the stage for the season at the end of June - so best get in soon. This Friday, it is the Double Trouble doubling up the entertainment.

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